Diet Coke heads – Can you get hooked on diet soda?

via ( — First thing every morning, Ellen Talles starts her day by draining a supersize Styrofoam cup filled with Diet Coke and crushed ice. The 61-year-old from Boca Raton, Fla., drinks another Diet Coke in the car on the way to work and keeps a glass nearby “at all times” at her job […]

Daily deal inbox fatigue

My inbox is flooded every morning between daily deals and flash sites.  I think that I have inbox fatigue.  I decided to try to count the number of daily deal companies that send me emails every day.  Here goes: Groupon Bloomspot LivingSocial Homerun TownHog VillageVines Mamapedia Gaggle of Chicks Plum District Zozi Yelp KGB Eversave […]

Hawaii 5.0

Hawaii 5.0

via The Hawaii trip immortalized in video.