Meat Free March


I think I turned all “San Francisco” when I declared to Mark that March was going to be Meat Free.  Yep.  Meat Free March is what I am kicking off in a few days.  Thankfully he didn’t think I was terribly crazy and he joined my movement.  Then after discussing it with the Grows Up girls they all decided to join in as well.

Does that mean that it is officially a movement?!?  

The rules of “Meat Free March” are pretty simple.  No meat in the month of March.  The exception is that fish is still on the menu.  Sorry, I’m not ready to give up my sushi habits.

The reason to do this?  Health, carbon footprint…why not not kill some animals for a month?

If you want to join in, you can get on the Facebook group here:

If you need any motivation to do this, be sure to read The China Study ( or The Food Revolution (