The East Bay

Taken with picplz. I always think that this is an interesting view when I take the Amtrak to Fresno.  It is like a pier graveyard with all the wooden stakes sticking out of the ground.

Chirply – Happy Birthday Card

via Love the design of this card on Chirply. It also reminds me that I call all little ones “monkeys”. Fun stuff.

Anyone seen my Missoni scarf?

via I am so bummed out. I lost my favorite Missoni scarf. I am desperately calling around trying to figure out if I left it at a restaurant, but I fear that it might be gone forever. I want to cry.

ZAGGMate for Apple iPad

via I would like to get more use out of my iPad, but find that the touchscreen keyboard to be a total pain in the ass. I am also sick of dragging my MacBook all over the place because it really is a beast of a machine. So I was stuck with a few […]