I recently ordered something from BeautyBar.com – which is a child company to Diapers / Soap / Amazon.  I can't complain about their shipping time because I had my ordered delivered within 24 hours via Fed Ex.  I can, however, complain about their shipment packing.  I ordered one item and ended up with 2 boxes.  Strange.  I opened the first box and it contained my product.  Great.  I opened the second box – which was suspiciously lightweight and found that it contained bubble wrap and a teeny tiny bag of 3 samples.  Yes, 3 lotion samples.  FedEx'd in a large box.  WTF?

This entire incident makes me wonder what is going on over there.  Seeing as how Grows Up is an online marketplace I can tell you that shipping prices for us mere mortals (ie, not Amazon) are prohibitively expensive.  Add in the additional cost of overnight FedEx service?  Ha!  This would cost us on average about $20 to send an empty box.  Therefore it seems absolutely ludicrous – even barring the lack of eco-friendliness to ship an empty box – to bother sending this package of merchandise that I didn't even pay for.  C'set la vie.  I just hope that someday Grows Up can have a good enough deal on shipping that we can send empty boxes of free goods to people.  One can only dream…

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