And the holiday fun begins


My dad says to me on chat that we are having Christmas dinner on Sunday the 26th aka Boxing Day.  I get a little bit upset because WTF who has Christmas dinner not on the Eve or the day?  He says it is to be accommodating to my brother and Valarie because her family typically has Christmas lunch and they end up eating two times.  I say I don't care about being accommodating.  I care about tradition.  This all culminates in me having to call everyone individually to find out the real story.  

And the real story?  

No one actually cares what day we eat (with the exception of me, obviously) or if they have to eat twice seeing as how they have been doing this for the last 14 years of being together (the her house/my house double eating fest).

In the end, Christmas wins.  We shall feast like normal people.  On the actual day of.