The best way to clean wine glasses

I am a big fan of fine glassware.  My cupboards are filled with Spiegelau and Riedel glasses and stemware.  Needless to say, that despite these being great glasses, they are also delicate like a baby’s bum and need to be handwashed.  I have on more than a few occasions broken a glass simply by washing it too hard.  The other issue is trying to dry them without spots.  You don’t really want to rest them on the rim for fear of tipping and breaking.

I have finally come up with a great system that gets me clean, spot free glasses with minimal effort.

First off I found a great stemware cleaning brush that fits perfectly into the glasses.  The best part about it is the rim cleaner that actually fits on the rim and gets off those lip stains.
Second step is to dry it on my wine air dryer.  This thing is a God send.  Seriously gets your glasses dry and no worry that they are going to fall and break.
Finally I shine them up with a Riedel microfiber crystal cloth.
Done.  Perfectly clean glasses with no breakage.
(Yes, I am anal retentive about my wine glasses)