Spotify service message – Delighted might not be the right word to use…

Important information regarding updating to the newest Spotify version

We’re delighted to say that the demand for the next generation of Spotify has been overwhelming and in order to ensure that our systems can handle the additional usage we’re going to need to keep the roll out of the new version in check.

Users will be automatically updated in the coming days, no additional action is necessary. Please bear with us and thank you once again for your patience 🙂

The Spotify team.

Updated April 28 at 19.40

This is a completely dumb customer service message.

Why would you tell your customers that you are “delighted” that you are too overwhelmed to actually give them the lastest release? Why would you not say to your paying customers that you are going to give them priority upgrades? Who puts a freaking smiley message in a service message when you are clearly not delighting anyone?

Fail of a message.

Why not apologize for being inept and getting everyone excited about a release that you can’t even release?