The iPad dock is a total waste of $29…and why I want to get horizontal…


For the record, the iPad dock is completely useless.  First off, it doesn't even come with a charging cable or power supply which I find slightly bizarre.  Secondly, it only allows you to put the iPad in vertical positioning which renders it useless to allow you to watch videos.  Even if I were using a keyboard with my iPad I would find it odd that it only allowed me to look at some weirdo vertical screen.  Grrrr.

Speaking of this vertical vs horizontal note.  I think that Apple kind of screwed it up here.  I find that in most instances that I prefer the horizontal screen better than vertical.  This means that the buttons on the iPad are in completely the wrong place.  I accidentally exit out of apps or hit the volume buttons all the time.  Think it would have been better to try out actual use cases for the iPad, such as video and browsing, instead of just cloning an iPhone and shipping it.