My top 10 iPad apps – as of April 18

Some of the apps that I am loving on iPad thusfar.

  1. Netflix – Totally awesome to be able to stream movies.  It is a big buggy and seems to escape out of things too easily, but all in all a good first effort.
  2. TouchPad – So cool to control the MacMini.  Worth all $2.99 of it to have a remote, keyboard and touchpad.
  3. ABC Player – Another video streaming app.
  4. Yahoo Entertainment – Great for a TV guide.
  5. Twitterific – Twitter app
  6. Mahjongg 2 HD – Loving this game.  Such a time suck.
  7. Backgammon – Great to play with another person.  No more need to carry my backgammon board on holidays!
  8. Glow Hockey – This is so cool to play with another iPad via wifi.  Wow.  Dorktastic.
  9. AirVideo – This is seriously one of the best uses for the iPad thusfar.  It actually encodes video on the fly so it allows you to watch .avi and other video files directly from your laptop onto your ipad.  RAD.
  10. RealRacing HD – I hate racing games, but if you are playing a 2 person game via wifi this totally rocks.