I found my use case for the iPad. A really expensive remote control + tv guide.

Yeah yeah.  After all the bitching and moaning and complaining about my non-fanboy status I still ended up going out and getting an iPad.  It was all a bit of trickery I tell you.  I actually went to buy one for someone else in Europe and then somehow got suckered in by my own consumerist drive and purchased one for myself.

It took me a few days of staring at it to actually pick it up and attempt to use it.  I tried not to get all wrapped up.  Thought to myself, “Heh, yeah, I can just sell you on Craigslist”.  I installed a few things and didn’t get too excited.
Then came the weekend.  And as I was sitting here fumbling with my mouse and keyboard to try to control the MacMini media center I was reminded that someone told me of an iPhone app that can control your computer.  Hm.  That sounded interesting.  Did a search and voila! There was an app called TouchPad for $2.99 with iPad support.  Installed it.  Low and behold.  It is not just a touchpad controller, but also an Apple Remote and a keyboard.  No more fumbling around on the couch awkwardly trying to mouse and keyboard stuff when really all I needed was a giant remote control.
This little revelation led me to start installing other apps.  Which then led me to spend about $100 on apps.  But oh what beautiful apps they are – for the most part.
So I guess I have to admit that I have been turned.  Damn it.  As hard as I try to keep a neutral stance on all things Apple (sorry fanboys, but you are slightly irritating in your belief that Stevie shits gold), I am impressed with this device.
The iPad will remain in my living room as an elaborate remote control with TV guide, casual surfing device and Mah Jong/Backgammon board.  Fine. I admit defeat.

BTW – in thinking about the expense of an iPad for a remote control, I don’t think it is actually THAT expensive. Consider that a Magic Mouse + wireless Apple keyboard have a total cost of $150 + my Harmony remote was $150.  Plus…yeah, ok, I was trying to somehow justify this expense in my head in a not very convincing fashion.  /thxbai