A few other notes on the iPad and why I will keep my Kindle


There are still a few quirks with the iPad that I can't quite overlook.

1) It is heavy and awkward to hold.  And I can't find a decent way to hold it in bed or on the sofa.  It is definitely not comfortable on my lap when trying to type.  In fact, it gives me wrist pain.  Seriously.  Full on carpal tunnel.  As long as i'm not trying to type on it I am pretty much OK, but not quite.

2) Reading books on it sucks compared to the Kindle.  Again, I like to read in bed and it is impossible to do with the iPad because it is too big and bulky.  Plus the backlit screen hurts my brain.  I like my epaper on the Kindle.  It feels more book like.

3) Fingerprints.  Gross.  This screen is covered in grease pretty much constantly.  I really don't want anyone else to touch it because I don't want their grease on my screen.