Amazon Warehouse Deals are pretty awesome.

Despite the fact that I obviously love to purchase lots of things for my new house, I am actually a cheapo.  I am all about quality, but sometimes my cheapness gets the better of me.  I am definitely one of those people who will stand in the supermarket debating a 10c difference in toilet paper and then turn around and buy a $300 pair of jeans.  Perhaps this is why Apple frustrates me sometimes.  There is no way to get a bargain Apple product.  Everything is priced at what it is.

Moving onward.  I have discovered my new best friend for bargains.
Amazon Warehouse Deals.
Ever notice that little Used link under the price of your product on Amazon?  You might have thought to yourself that this is some dirty marketplace seller who wants to get rid of their crusty, tattered old book.  At least that is what I associated it.  But then I decided to click on it again – but in the context of electronics.
I noticed that some of the “used” items were by something called Amazon Warehouse Deals.  It typically said that the condition of the items were “Like New” to “Used – Very Good”.   And the best part?  They were significantly discounted from the original new price. 
I decided to try it out on a rather large purchase, my television.  I purchased a Used – Very Good 46″ Samsung (like the one you see above in the photo) for around $700.  That was a savings of about $200.  I was still a little hesitant about if the manufacturer’s warranty would cover it, so I also bought a Squaretrade warranty for $60.  All of this was available with free shipping on Amazon Prime.  Add the fact that there is no sales tax on Amazon purchases and it was a great deal instead of purchasing from a BestBuy store.
The outcome?
The television was delivered about 1 week later.  It is in pretty near perfect condition.  The only thing I can see wrong with it is some tape marks that I cleaned off, but that might have been from the packing.  The manual bag was ripped, but everything else was there.  Score!
Since then I’ve also purchased a Samsung Blu-ray (savings of about $65) and a Sony A/V Receiver (savings of about $75).  Both of those items have come in their original packaging and it looks like no one even ever plugged them in.
Seems that most of the warehouse deals are just products that people received and then decided they didn’t want and returned.  I therefore give a big thumbs up to Amazon Warehouse Deals as my new b/f/f.  Go forth and save some money, folks!