My favorite Android apps


Let's all be honest here.  We install a lot of apps, but we don't actually use a lot of apps.  I'm making a list of apps that I actually use on my Nexus One.

Here goes.
  • Google Maps – Hells yes.  This gets used pretty much every day.  Especially useful with calendar integration to get me to the right location on time.
  • PdaNet – This app allows you to tether your Nexus to the computer for some hot 3g action.  Totally useful if you don't feel like getting yet another device / USB dongle for on the go access.  I did try to pay for the pro version, but haven't received my license yet.
  • Remember the Milk – Or as the geeks like to call it, RTM.  I paid for a year subscription just so I can have the pretty Android app all integrated and cozy with my calendar.
  • Advanced Task Killer – It's kind of like Ghostface Killa, but without the hip hop.  This is a must-have to help you extend your battery life.
  • Spotify – Offline playlists? Yes, please.
  • Seesmic – Multiple twitter accounts and notifications.
  • Stitcher and NPR News – Podcasts personalised for me. Thanks.
  • Calling Card Pro – Use this one for my Skype to Go calls.
  • Google Voice – Seamless integration as an alternative to Skype to Go calls – for international dialling without getting raped.
  • Shapewriter – Amazing keyboard replacement.  Seriously.  The best app ever.
Other apps that I might like, but don't exist?

Hulu, Blackberry Messenger for Android (yeah, yeah, I know), Amazon Kindle for Android and a flickr client that doesn't suck.