I’m the Queen of Freemium

I’m all for paying for services and content, but thinking about how many different subscriptions that I have to pay for makes me feel a little bit sick. It would be nice for someone to build out an online subscription dashboard for me to manage all these services because, frankly, I’m confused with all their options and differing payment cycles.

What I’m currently paying for (and I’m sure there are more that I forgot about)

  • Flickr – $50 a year
  • Yahoo Mail – £12 a year (I use the forwarding)
  • Google Apps – $50 a year / per person
  • Vimeo – $60 a year
  • Spotify – £9.95 a month
  • PB Wiki – $20 per user / per month
  • Skype – Depends on usage
  • Dreamhost – $20 a month
  • NY Times online – $7 a week
  • t-mobile – $80 a month
Basically, I am a great person to convert to your paid services, but when I put it all together I think perhaps I am spending a bit much…