I heart my Nexus One. Shall I count the ways?


I have been wanting to write about my Google Nexus One for a while now, but felt that I should really get to know the phone before I started spouting off about how much I either love it or hate it.  It has been a few weeks now of hardcore usage across two continents, so I think that I have formed a proper opinion of it.  

Also, good to note that I have had an iPhone for 2 years and was never convinced about it enough to switch off the Blackberry.  I mostly used the iPhone as an iPod and for games.

The bottom line?
I love it.  I have turned off my Blackberry (although I am having major BBM withdrawels).
Things that I love about it?
  1. It is sexy.  The screen is stunning – especially when the brightness is turned up.  Yum.
  2. Micro-USB.  This may not sound like a big deal, but I am a big believer in simplifying my life with one universal charger.  Now I can charge my Blackberry (yeah, not simple carrying two phones), my Kindle and my Nexus all on one cable.
  3. Google Maps integration with voice navigation.  This is so awesome.  The cutest feature of the navigation is when you arrive at your destination and the screen turns from map view to street view to show you where you are supposed to be.  Sounds silly, but I love little thoughtful touches like that.
  4. Widgets. I love all the widgets that I can use on the home screens.  Current favs are weather and quick nav (to turn on Bluetooh, wifi, brightness, GPS).
  5. Google Mail integration. Yeah, I know that iPhone does it.  But it just feels cleaner to have it integrated from Google, what can I say?
  6. Multi-tasking.  I love being able to listen to music and actually do other things.  I typically listen to cloud-based music services, so the argument that I could do this on my iPhone doesn’t work for me.
  7. Expandable storage. Yeah, bitches.  That is all I can say.  I don’t mind spending extra money when I feel like I am in charge of my fate.
  8. It doesn’t have a shiny Apple finish.  I am very pleased to not have to worry all the time about the back of my phone becoming scratched.  I hate that on the iPhone.
  9. The Android Market refunds your purchase if you uninstall after 24 hours.  This completely won over my respect.  Thank you for giving me my money back on something that I clearly didn’t like.  That is delighting your customers!
Things that suck about it?
Of course, this is me.  I complain.  And there are definitely issues with this phone that should be addressed.
  1. Battery life.  Literally SUCKS.  I have tried every trick in the book from installing Advanced Task Killer to keeping the wifi off to having the brightness down, but the battery still seems to drain.  I probably could get through a day of non-heavy use, but it might be difficult.  I do remember on my iPhone I basically had the same issue until I turned off all push, etc… but then what the hell is the point of the phone.  Thankfully with the USB I just plug it in whenever I am near the laptop and, in case of emergencies, I have a backup Kensington battery pack.
  2. Trackball.  WTF is the trackball even doing on this phone?  It is completely useless except as a notification light.  Get rid of it.
  3. Mic placement.  It happens to be on the bottom, right side in precisely the place where I put my pinkie finger to stabilize the phone when I am talking on it, thereby rendering me mute.  Ooops.  Mostly I use the Jawbone, so it isn’t that big of a deal.
Basically, I love this phone.  The apps might be lagging slightly behind Apple, but then again, how many stupid apps does one need?  All the popular basic apps are on the Android market.
Get it.  Love it.  But please remember to take a charger with you everywhere.