Awesome way to save money on international calls with your Blackberry & Skype to Go.


Everyone knows that international calling is super expensive from your mobile phone. Then steps in Skype to Go which is essentially a calling card with super low rates and a local dial in number. The main problem of Skype to Go is that, unless you have users already set up as favourites, you need to know the number that you are going to dial. This is a huge issue when you are using your mobile because you would have to write the number down before you call it. Pain in the ass.

That is where this app – EasyDialer – steps in and saves the day. It is an app that you can download on Blackberry App World that you can pre-configure with your calling card number or your Skype to Go number and then just click on the contact out of your normal address book and dial them with it. So awesome and easy to use. I highly recommend it for BB users.

Skype should really create these diallers for all mobile phone platforms to use Skype to Go so easily with your own contact lists.

To set up Skype to Go on EasyDialer:


  1. First install EasyDialer on your Blackberry
  2. Choose Add Calling Card
  3. Set it up ad Direct Call + Service # is whatever your Skype to Go # is.  (Note that you’ll have to verify your mobile number with Skype for it to recognise that you are authorised to make calls from this phone.)
  4. Dial sequence before destination #: 2, (comma = pause)
  5. Dial sequence after destination #: # (to verify you are done dialling)


You should preferably have the country code in your contact already.

Then to make a call using EasyDialer, you choose the contact and right-click (Blackberry button) and select Call with EasyDialer.  Easy and awesome!