how i divide up my online life

I feel quite conflicted lately about my usage of different services.  As anyone can tell, I have not been updating nerdgirl quite as frequently as I used to.  This is due in part to the fact that I am a boring old lady these days and partially down to the fact that there are so many other time suckage ways that I can post my “thoughts”.

I’ve been trying to figure out the proper message for the proper channel and, finally, have something mapped out in my head which I will attempt to get down in writing here. (Word Press) -> This is my personal site that should, more or less, reflect things that are going on in my life. It is generally light and geeky.  Over the last 11 years of having it up it has evolved from a letter to my friends back home into some dorky posts into not much recently.  The not much recently also has to do with the fact that due to current work association I don’t think that it would be fair for me to voice my opinion (or negativity) about companies.  I guess I could preach about great product design, project management, bladdity blah, but I do enough of that in board meetings and there are some pretty great writers out that I let speak for me. 🙂  So will remain my pet project of lightness.  Perhaps in 2010 I will recommit to documenting a bit more of what is going on in my life.  If I have time.

Twitter -> Using this mainly for the geek crowd in a non-personal way. I came to realise that when I had my Twitter -> Facebook link up that the Facebook social circle was totally different than my Twitter circle.  This led to a lot of confusion and commentary from friends wondering what the technical stuff I was on about.  I removed the link.

Facebook -> For good friends and old friends and some not so good friends.  I have some pretty hardcore privacy settings on Facebook to divide up these groups.  I am convinced that Facebook’s privacy settings are slightly broken.  I now post personal things on my status at Facebook related to my life.  I find these get a better response from people.

Posterous -> I love it.  I am generally using posterous for quick, visually stunning photos or links to articles that I find interesting.  It is like my spam blog for things that are too long to post on twitter, but not personal enough to post on

I am thoroughly confused now.