i have the reading habits of a 12 year old girl

Despite my last post complaining about marketing to 12 year old girls, I have a deep dark secret to finally come clean with here.

My reading habits resemble those of a pre-pubescent girl.

Yes, I said it.  I am practically a moron when it comes to my reading sometimes.  Just sometimes.  Not all the time.  But it is a dirty pleasure of mine to read books written for teenagers.

Topping my life of favourites?

Gossip Girl

– Yes, Gossip Girl was actually a series of books (I can’t seriously call them novels).  They are super light reading, but full of all the intrigue, drama and drug-fuelled teenage sex antics that you find on the TV show.  I can’t actually believe that anyone would allow their teenager to read this series.  They are great.

Last night I decided it was time for me to see what all the fuss was about with the Twilight series

, so I downloaded the first book in the series.  Now I realise that I am mentally deficient because I am actually enjoying it far too much.

Thankfully the Kindle masks my inept reading habits to the rest of the world…

Now I wonder if I can get some Sweet Valley High

books!  That would be SWEET!