i’m a mac


This is yet another tale of me trying to cross over from a PC to a Mac.  But this time, I have done so successfully for at least the last 2 months.  Hooray!

The last time I tried to make the switch, I didn’t last very long.  At most a month.  I now realise that the issue previously was that making a re-introduction to the Mac family via a Mac Book Air was probably not the best idea.  The MBA, whilst incredibly sexy and lightweight, is also incredibly lacking in processing power.   This might be fine for those of you who rely on a laptop for travelling, webmail and browser, but for the power geeks in the crowd this doesn’t exactly cut it when attempting a Photoshop edit.  I was incredibly turned off by the Mac Book Air for a few reasons.

1) One USB – COME ON
2) Processor suckage – I don’t like watching the wheel spin
3) Email & Calendar suckage – at the time there was only Exchange support with Entourage.  Entourage sucks.

I ended up quitting my Mac switching experiment out of pure frustration when it came to actual enterprise usage.  Sad story, but the MBA basically turned into a paperweight (an anorexic one).

But being the good geek that I am, I found that I couldn’t stay away from the beauty of the Apple hardware.   That stupid light up Apple logo gets me everytime and I was jealous.  Plus all the nerds that I know use a Mac and I really had to understand why I just wasn’t getting it.  So I decided to, once again, delve into the wonderful world of Mac.  But this time I did it differently.  This time I was going more hardcore.

MacBook Pro.

Since purchasing this happy little 13″ MBP I have fallen in love.  Really.

I’m running Snow Leopard on it with Exchange support and using Apple Mail and iCal.  What a total difference from that POS Entourage.  In addition, I have enough processing power to actually edit video and also, in the event of an emergency, have Windows 7 running on Parallels 5.  Mmmn.  I am in love.

So for all you Apple haters out there, you can now witness how a true Windows enthusiast can be turned on to the Cult of Steve.  It took a few attempts and a bit of cursing to get here, but I’m glad I did it.