farmville trickster (cough, i am a loser)

Yes.  I am addicted to Farmville.  I will be the first one to admit it.  I love that stupid little farm that I am building.  It is consuming my life to the point that I actually have to calculate my life around harvest time.

Sad, but true.

I have been formulating some kind of strategy.  Plant early and plant often.  Forget those 4 day watermelons.  Stick to the berries.  Yes, they require a bit more commitment, but they pay off more in the long run.

In addition to this, I have a good little trick to help you work on your farm a little bit faster (if you don’t already have the harvester, seeder, tractor combo).

Make a gate and trap your farmer inside. This actually prevents your little farmer from having to walk to each square to manually do the work.  Voila!  Don’t allow them an exit and you can move a little bit faster.


Other quick tips:

  • Don’t buy the lame stuff – the butter churner does nothing, the lake does nothing.  They are pretty much a waste of coins.  Save the excess for when you have tons of extra cash and focus on your farm.
  • Sell off unwanted trees and other stuff.
  • Optimise your farm for harvesting easily.
  • Don’t get too many animals – they may be cute, but they take too long to do anything.
  • Get lots of neighbours and make sure to help them out.
  • I’m not entirely sure that the tractor and other equipment is worth it – especially given the high cost of gas.
  • I will call you a cheater if you buy coins to expand your farm too early.  I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I need some psychiatric help.