how to load your dishwasher

I don’t know why it took me nearly 30 years to figure this one out, but I have come to the conclusion that the way most people load their utensils in the dishwasher is incorrect.

I have been observing different people’s loading techniques over the past few years and realise that most everyone throws their utensils into the loading tray handle side down.

This is plain wrong.  For a number of reasons.

1) If you put a knife in handle side down, then when you have to unload the knife it means you have to grab it by the blade to get it out and risk cutting yourself.

2) If you put a fork or spoon in handle side down, then you have to pull it out by grabbing the place where the next person has to put their mouth.  Dirty.

3) Depending on which utensil design you have, when you place things in handle side down the handle slips through the holes and makes it a pain to pull out.

4) If you are putting things in handle side up, it means that you are probably grabbing a dirty knife, fork, spoon by the food part and greasing up your hands.  Yuck.

Therefore, I highly recommend everyone revisit their utensil loading strategy and optimise it for health and safety by loading handle side up.

Really.  It is a revolution.

Here is a video of the lovely Chris demonstrating how to properly load your utensils.