fres-yes – the dumbest city in the U.S.

My hometown, commonly referred to by me as the Detroit of California, is once again topping the bottom of the charts.  This time it makes the list as being “the dumbest city in the United States”.  How proud this makes me.  First we had Kevin Federline, then deemed the Meth Capital of the World by Louis Theroux and now this!


Read more about it here, but obviously it is far more fun to read the comments on the local Fresno television station website.

Such as:

4:56 AM Elisa wrote …

That is just stupid. Whoever came up with that finding is the stupidest person in American. After living where i have lived in Northern, CA, there is no way Fresno is the dumbest city.

Um, should we tell Elisa that American is not a country.  And while we are at it, as far as I know, there is no city called Northern existing in California.  Nah, don’t tell her.  Let’s keep her in Fresno with her own kind.

And while we are at it.  Is that the Fresno flag?  Who knew?!?