i am a technical genius

I have just spent 35 minutes fiddling around with getting my Plantronics CS60 USB headset working with my Skype.  It was working previously, but then something went terribly wrong and everytime I plugged in the USB to the hub, it gave me device not recognised and wouldn’t work.  I attempted to troubleshoot this in the usual methods.  Unplugged all USB, tried to plug into different ports, re-installed the drivers, restarted Windows – all to no avail.  Then I did a search on Platronics site for unrecognised USB device.

Here was their genius technical advice.


Yes, folks. They told me to unplug the USB and the a/c adapter.

Guess what?

Yes. It worked.  The one thing I hadn’t done was unplug both at the same time. Um. Right.  Super lame.

BTW, if you want a super kick ass headset to use with Skype I highly suggest the Plantronics CS60 Wireless Headset System with USB


and now that you know the super secret troubleshooting trick, it should be smooth sailing.