iTunes = outdated, bloated garbage

I’m about to say things that will put all you Steve Jobs followers in a tizzy of a state.

Sometimes Apple software sucks.

There. I said it.  And I won’t take it back.

I’m in no way saying that Windows software is any better.  But I am merely trying to point out that just because Apple software isn’t quite as bad as Windows software, it is by no means God’s gift to this world.

Case and point?


iTunes should be a case study for all that is wrong in the world.  It is a bloated piece of garbages that barely functions.  If it weren’t for the fact that I need it to update my iPod, then I would never open that piece of crap again.

Which brings me to the next point.

iPods are outdated.  iPods mixed with iTunes = giant fail.

There are so many things that I do not understand with the current model and I’m pretty sure that if Apple doesn’t move their asses quickly people will begin to see the light.

1) My music should be stored in the cloud, so that I can listen to it from anywhere – including my netbook with a tiny harddrive

2) My music should be retrieveable in the event that I lose my iPod; I paid for it, you should back it up for me and be nice enough to give it back to me because as the old saying goes – “Shit happens”

3) My music should be able to sync from ANY computer to ANY device; my device shouldn’t have to be matched to one computer

4) My music player shouldn’t take 2 minutes to open up and act sluggishly when I try to play something

5) My music should be social and allow my friends and I to share our playlists