RBKC and their Carnival fridge magnet


My very own commemorative Notting Hill Carnival parking fridge magnet – gee, can I keep it?

Every year the residents of Notting Hill have to put up or get out when it comes to Carnival weekend. Notting Hill Carnival is the largest street parade in Europe. It might look and seem fun for some, but it ends up being a nightmare for anyone who lives in the zone. Not only is it complete and utter chaos with noise, public urination and garbage, but it is also dangerous and usually has stabbings and deaths. Basically I leave town every year out of fear for my own safety. How unfair is that?

To add insult to injury, I have received my Notting Hill Carnival information pack from the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea. Within the pack is a fridge magnet. On the fridge magnet a timeline for me to get the hell out of my neighbourhood.

Am I wrong in suggesting that this is not only completely and utterly tasteless, but a waste  – environmentally and of council tax? Who approved this?

My open letter to RBKC at carnival@rbkc.gov.uk. If you live in the borough and think this is ridiculous as well, please let them know.

Dear RBKC Carnival Staff,

I would just like to point out what a ridiculous joke that you actually spent my council tax to make a fridge magnet telling me when to repark my car for the shamble that is Carnival.


This is not only a complete lack of regard for people’s hard earned tax money and human resource within your own department, but an environmental waste as well. Shame on you.

First you destroy our neighbourhood and basically alienate all the residents by capitalising on carnival, but then you laugh in our faces with a fridge magnet telling us to leave our own neighbourhood? You are all absolute disgrace.

Forced to pay for your jobs and my fridge magnet,

Stephanie R.

Here are some fun photos commemorating years past