tomtom for girls?

I was nearly bummed that I just invested in the TomTom 540 Live and then I get hit up by the fine folks at TomTom with a newsletter blast annoucing that there is a TomTom for ladies.  Yes, that is right.  They have created a female friendly TomTom called the White Pearl Special Edition.


It looks super cute, but is it worth it?

For me, that answer is NO.

The White Pearl is based on the ONE IQ routes Europe edition and is priced at £179 (£10 more than the ONE IQ).  This is not the TomTom edition that I would want.  It doesn’t include any of the uberly useful live traffic features or my favourite Google search.  And they can take their female friendly points of interest and shove them.  I don’t care where the nearest Primark is and I don’t need to be pigeonholed into liking to shop for home furnishings.

The White Pearl seems like a product that was thought up by guys who want to market for women, rather than something that is useful.

Thanks, but no thanks.  I’ll just change my background to pink on my 540 and drink a cosmo instead.