discover awesome music with spotify playlists


Hopefully you have been lucky enough to try out Spotify, the Skype of music.  Spotify is a new music service that offers unlimited streaming of virtually any track or artist you can think of (especially Abba being that they are Sweden based).  If you haven’t heard of them, then you must live under a rock or something because you are really missing out on some fun.

Upon first glances Spotify is an obvious iTunes copy.  So then what is the big deal?  Another download of yet another music client. Blah blah.

The real fun of Spotify – apart from the fact that it is FREE (ok, you have to listen to a few ads on occasion) and the quality of the stream is amazing due to that lovely P2P backbone – is the ability to create playlists and share them with friends.  And not just create them, but collaborate on them with the world.  How cool is that?

Here is an example of collaborative playlists in the real world:

I tweeted for people to help me with a playlist about “sunshine” and included a link to my playlist.  If you have Spotify installed, then the link will pop up your player with my playlist.  You can then simply drag and drop new tracks into my playlist – or just listen to what is already there.  So simple, so easy – yet so powerful.

Try out my Dreaming of Sun playlist here – if you have Spotify installed.

To create or share your own playlist in Spotify:

Go to your playlist & right-click > select either Copy HTTP Link or Copy Spotify URI. Then share that with other Spotify users.


Now, this feature is pretty bare boned right now as Spotify currently doesn’t have the ability to truely “friend” someone.  But the possibilities are pretty limitless.  A few people have taken advantage of this feature by creating websites where you can share and discover new playlists.  I have found some true GEMS this way.

Check out these websites for playlists:

Please feel free to leave links to your own playlists in the comments of this post!