dear bose customer service,

I received a letter in the post telling me that my order can not be processed. I would like to point out how completely worthless your e-commerce operation is and hope that you will review your pathetic processes in order to fix the ridiculousness of your current system.

1) My order could not be processed according to this letter due to whatever security reason. I can only suppose this is because I wanted it shipped to a different address from my billing address. If you are unable to process orders to different addresses, then you shouldn’t allow separate billing and shipping addresses on your sites. I shop pretty much 100% online and never have an issue such as this.

2) Your letter is completely incorrect in telling me that I placed an order for Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones. I, in fact, placed an order for a charger for my headphones. Therefore, you asking me to send you a cheque for £309 is AGAIN incorrect and, quite frankly, points out the incompetence of your system and/or your staff.

3) I placed an order ONLINE and, yet, had to wait 2 weeks for you to reply in a LETTER sent by post. If I even have to explain how utterly stupid this process is, then you should really consider taking down your website and sending our catalogues because you are obviously not equipped to deal with the 21st century.

4) When I did call your CS number to find out the reason for this cancellation, I was told by your not very helpful representative that I was sent a letter by post because “not everyone has email”. I fear that this gentleman might be living in another world that people who place orders online are sending them via smoke signals or he is the individual that came up with this outdated process that you deem customer service friendly. I will now be inconvenienced to have to go down to crowded Oxford Street to purchase my headphone charger 2 weeks after I placed my order. Thank you Bose for wasting my time and pissing me off.

If my headphones weren’t so damned good and expensive, I would be tempted to throw them in the Thames and damn your company forever.

If you wish to respond to this complaint, please feel free to use email and save a tree and postage.