gadget of the week: MiLi power pack for iPhone

This morning I received this lovely little package from containing the MiLi power pack for the iPhone and, thusfar, I am totally impressed by it.  Let me start by explaining.  The MiLi powerpack is an extra battery pack / charger for the iPhone.  It is a little case that you slip your iPhone into and voila instant charging.  The theory behind this seems damned good considering that I find myself running out of juice on my iPhone at the most inconvenient of times.  According to the manual MiLi can add an additional 390 hours of standby time, 6.5 hours of talk and internet use, 31 hours of audio and 9 hours of video play off a single charge.  Damn, that sounds good to me!

The other functionality that was largely overlooked in the marketing is the USB out on the bottom of the charger.  With this handy dandy little adapter you can easily plug in any USB device and start charging it off the juice of the battery.  For those Blackberry / iPhone carriers this makes it doubly as useful!  You could also charge your iPod or even a Kindle with this out.  I tried both with success.


iPhone charging a Blackberry – whoop!

I would highly suggest you go out and buy one of these bad boys.  Totally worth it.