diving packing list

Things that I should try to remember for my next diving trip:

1) Tigi Catwalk Fast-Fixx Leave in Conditioner – This stuff is great for detangling hair following all that diving.  Just spray it in and voila no more super nasty sea hair

2) Suunto D4 Dive computer & instruction book & USB cable

3) Laptop – To chart dive logs and look at photos

4) Various headbands – Even if your hair is detangled, it is always wet.  Somehow headbands make it look nicer.

5) Swim Ear Drops – A must have for repetitive dives

6) An extra beach towel – Usually on liveaboards you are given 1-2 towels.  It is always nice to have a “dry” towel for lounging around with.

7) Mighty bright light –  Great for reading in your cabin without disturbing other people

8) 4 swimsuits – In order to rotate between dry and wet suits

9) Wet wipes or moist facial towels – Good for quick face cleaning when you wake up in the morning

10) Tweezers – Eyebrows seem to grow really long when you are in tropical waters

11) Sunblock & aloe vera – 15 & 30 SPF seem to be a good mix

12) iPod speakers – For sharing music with everyone

13) Loose cotton clothing

14) Sunglasses

15) Nytol – In case the boat is noisy

16) Paracetamol

17) Lots of books on the Kindle

18) Earplugs – A lifesaver

19) Eye mask – Darkness