update on twitter privacy

For the record, I was never trying to squat on the skype twitter name. I didn’t even remember that I had registered it. I love Skype and get along with everyone at Skype – so much so that I work for the founders still!  I would gladly hand over the name if I even remembered the password.

And also for the record.  I am upset about the incident, but I am not so upset that I am never using Twitter again.  No one was hurt, I just want the folks at Twitter to seriously consider their position and seriously consider their users’ privacy.

My entire point in the open letter was in regards to giving out my name and details as opposed to any other issue.  It was a clear violation of my privacy and it should never have happened.  In my mind, if the account was inactive then it should have just been deleted and the entire subject would not have come up.  It was handled poorly and it upset me, especially the flippant attitude that was displayed post my pointing this out to their team.

I’m over it now.  And my nerdgirl twitter account better not get deleted for shit-talking to Techcrunch. 🙂