an open letter to twitter – or how to violate someone’s privacy

Folks @ Twitter, 

It has recently come to my attention that I have the twitter username skype registered under my name.  I set this account up a few years ago under my Skype email address which is no longer in use.  I am happy to relinquish control of this name to the folks that are still at Skype.

I would like to say, however, that I am hugely disappointed that my name, email address (even if it didn’t work) and details were given out to anyone in reference to any account held on Twitter.  And, yes, someone at Twitter did give this information out and this is how I was contacted about the account, so please do not try to deny it.  This is a violation of my privacy and, quite honestly, probably a big violation of your privacy policies.  It is unprofessional of your team to hand out users information regardless of circumstances and this is something that we never would have done at Skype – even if Obama himself couldn’t log in to an account that he says wasn’t even his! 

I hope that you and your team take privacy more seriously in the future.

Kind regards,