save the sharks

Watched a great documentary this weekend called Sharkwater. It is the story of sharks and how their populations are being decimated across the oceans due to demand for shark fins – some species have declined up to 90% in the past years. After having spent so much time underwater this past holiday searching for sharks, it really made me sad to watch all these beautiful sharks being killed. It is also true to think about screwing with eco-systems and how that affects the entire planet. People, leave the sharks alone. 

Here is a brief list of things you can do to help sharks:

  • Dive and snorkel with sharks. The more money that goes into shark tourism the more people will realize the value of living sharks.
  • Refuse to eat shark fin soup and don’t eat at restaurants that serve it.
  • Encourage others to do the same.
  • Seventeen countries have already banned shark finning. Find out if your country is one of them. If not, write your local government official asking them to ban shark finning.
  • Demand that your country also stop the importation of shark fins.
  • Start a letter writing campaign to the Secretary General of the UN requesting international bans on shark finning and the importation of fins.
  • Keep informed of the issue online at: and