amazon kindle for the iphone app video

Showing off the Amazon Kindle for the iPhone / iTouch.

For those of you unawares of what this app is here is a brief explanation.  If you already own a Kindle, then your archive of books will auto-magically appear.  If you don’t own a Kindle, then you can still install this app and buy Kindle books that will deliver to your iPhone / iTouch.  Voila!  You don’t even need to buy the Kindle hardware to read e-books!   Very very cool – but maybe I am now a bit disappointed that I bought that Kindle 2.  Check out the Amazon info here.

And for those of you who don’t have a U.S. Amazon account, there are some tricks you can do to order books online.  Read this post and let me know how it goes.

Wondering when the Amazon shop will be available from the app for some sweet one-touch ordering.  I think that iTunes has some weird terms of service regarding monetising content or direct pays through applications…Not entirely clear on that.  Anyone know?