kindle 2 – ordered and waiting

Since I have been floating about the Andaman sea for the past week, I obviously missed the announcement on Tuesday about the new Kindle 2 that is coming out.  But I have been expecting this for a while anyways, so not a total shocker.  After reviewing the new spec and looking at the photos of the new Kindle, I decided to go ahead and pre-order one.  I’m not sure that it will be worth it, but figure that I can sell my Kindle 1 on eBay and get some of my money back.


Things that I like about the new Kindle spec?

USB charging – it is micro USB which is the same as my Blackberry flip uses, that makes me very very happy as this was one of my main complaints about Kindle 1.

Smaller, streamlined size – the size looks much nicer and less bulky, but now I have to order a new case. Grr.

Previous page button – the user interface for the buttons and menu seems to be improved.  I accidently hit the previous page button on Kindle 1 far too often.

Emailing docs – this feature now allows you to receive the encoded file via email so you can sync with the USB.  This was something that was missing on the original and for us international users will be a nice addition.

Things that I am not so jazzed about?

Text to speech – seriously.  I don’t want a robot reading to me.

Whispernet – again, I would rather have wifi than this stupid proprietary Whispernet crap that is U.S. centric.  Damn you, Amazon.

So I hold my breath in anticipation of getting my new Kindle.  I am annoyed that I missed this cutoff date for pre-ordering priority for Kindle 1 users.  

I will report back once I receive my new toy…