cyber monday?

I have been listening to Los Angeles radio stations on my Chumby and have heard this term used a few too many times.  Then I open up Facebook and I see status messages referring to it…

Cyber Monday

Oh and don’t forget Black Friday. WTF are these stupid ass phrases that people are using to denote holiday shopping and why have Americans drunk these in like a cup of tainted Jim Jones Kool-aid?

Turns out that they are so mainstream that they have their own Wikipedia pages.

This just confirms the fact that most people are as stupid as I consider them to be.  Seriously.  This is lame PR bullshit terminology that isn’t even phrased in an inviting way.  Why the hell would you want to go out shopping on something called Black Friday? 

Please people.  I beg of you.  Do not start calling the day after Thanksgiving anything more than what Grandma Ginger used to call it.

The biggest shopping day of the year.

And the Monday following that?

Is just Monday.

Or in the case of today, the first day of December.

And if you continue to use these terms then I am starting my own.  Called Fuck off Tuesday.  And you are all invited to fuck off.