kindle v2

I love technology.  I hate technology.  I love technology.  I hate manufacturers.

Why do they keep making newer and newer versions of hardware and releasing it faster and faster?

I can’t keep up.  My wallet seriously hurts with all of this disposable technology.

But I just can’t help myself.

And in walks the new Kindle due for release sometime in early 2009.  I guess Amazon missed the Xmas rush which sucks for anyone who isn’t in the know and get an old version.

Here is a side by side peak at the new Kindle vs the old.


The new Kindle looks way more sophisticated than the older one.  I have always thought that the initial version of the Kindle looked like a prototype rather than something that should have been released.  It was just so rough around the edges, boxy and Fugly.  The new version hopefully takes into account some of the usability annoyances of the old one, such as accidental page turns and the power button being in an annoying spot.  My final, number 1, wish for the new Kindle is the ability to charge via mini-USB rather than that crappy little Amazon charger.

Now, what to do with the old Kindle.  Guess I will pack it up and sell it on eBay when the new release comes out.  Damn you Amazon.  Just get it right in the first freaking place!