ear candling

Oh ear candling. It is about the weirdest thing ever. You roll up to a Chinese speciality herb shop and you ask them to light a piece of rolled up wax on fire and stick it deep inside your ear canal while they massage your neck and lymph nodes. And magically a vacuum is created with the heat of the burning candle that is supposed to suck out the wax from the depths of your ears. Whoa.


Does it really work? I’m not so sure. I use Q-tips obsessively (a Robesky family trait) and I’ve never had a problem with them. I do sort of like the novelty factor of the ear candling, but I can’t honestly say that I have felt much of a difference after doing it.  Other people swear by it.  But they are probably the ones that can’t quite grasp the concept of safely using Q-tips.

You can also ear candle at home if you want to try it out.   Just buy your own.  But always make sure you have a spotter!  You don’t want to burn your hair off and torch the house in the meantime.