silencio! bose quiet comfort headphones

Another new and fantastic piece of gear to add to the Nerd armoury are a shiny set of Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones.  Now these aren’t just any old headphones.  These are finely manufactured ear covering, can’t hear that kid screaming, noise cancelling pieces of musical mastery.


I wasn’t too sure if I would be a fan of the bulky, over-ear aspect of the Bose QC’s.  Especially after I have become so used to having my Shure Ec2’s thrown into my bag at all times.  In addition, the Bose require you to think about your music listening because they have a battery pack which means that you have to be diligent about charging them.  Although, according to the Bose spec the charge is supposed to last for 25 hours which seems good enough for my long haul flights.  One thing to note is that it does take some getting used to to remember to turn off the power on these headphones.

Weighing in at a hefty $350, these are not headphones for you kiddies out there.  If you seriously want to take advantage of some kick-ass bass and some high highs while drowning out all that background noise, then you should think about investing in these bad boys.  The sound quality on these headphones is absolutely stunning.  It really makes you wonder why you’ve been listening to your iPod when it sounds like such shit…

Yes, I guess I’m sold.  Go out and get a pair of these and sink back, relax to some serious music listening (or just turn on the noise cancel and ignore those screaming babies sitting next to you).