nike+ gear

In a typical Stephanie fashion, I have decided to try to get to the gym more often.  Well, actually this isn’t too hard to achieve considering that “more often” actually equates to anything more than 0 so I guess I haven already reached my goal…

Anyhoo.  I have decided to try running a bit so in order to do that I obviously had to go out and get the right gear to look good in.  Picked up some Nike+ shoes and the cute little Nike+ transmitter that fits in the shoes and attaches to my iPod nano.

I tried it out this morning for the first time and it was pretty cool.  You can pick different workouts based on time, calories, distance, etc… and the little computer tracks your progress.  It even updates you during your workout to let you know how much time you have left.  When you plug your iPod into iTunes it syncs up your workout with the Nike+ website and gives you a cute little graph of your achievement.

One super cool feature for this would be to combine it with GPS and then also save a map of where you ran.  Could be interesting for people that travel a lot.

You can also set goals for 2008 or the month and it will track your progress.

I put my goal widget in the right hand column for your viewing pleasure.

I like this high tech workout stuff.  Makes the geek in me want to not be such a couch potato!