the best thing since sliced bread

I don’t even like bread so I think that perhaps this is the understatement of the year.  The product of which I am praising so highly – since today is a day of product praise – is called Dr Brandt’s Pore No More.

Let me tell you.  This stuff is the miracle of all miracle workers.  If Jesus was a dermatologist then his name would be Dr. Brandt.  He turns pores into no mores!

Honestly.  If you have ever struggled with crappy attempts to cover up some unsightly pores – and failed – then you have to get a tube of this stuff.

I first came across it at Space NK.  It sounded nice enough, but when the lady rubbed some onto one side of my face and showed me the mirror I was instantly won over.  The difference was amazing.  Really.  No. More. Pores.

So what is the secret?

Silicone polymers lay down a breathable film on the skin that fills in and smooths out the pore’s surface.

Yep – like spackle for your face.

Whatever.  It works.

Get some.  Even if it is expensive.  You will be born again.