holy manicure!

If you are cheap, like I am, and you don’t think that paying £25 for a manicure in London is reasonable, then I have found the lifesaver product for you.

I always do my manicures at home.  But my issue is that I have zero patience to let the paint dry.  Therefore it is a total hassle to set aside an hour (at the least) to let my nails dry sufficiently.

Until now.

I have looked extensively online for some miracle solution that will dry a couple of coats of dark colours instantly and had pretty much given up and resigned myself to the fact that you had to sit patiently and wait for them to dry.  Until last week.

Whilst in Estonia I saw a bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat.  According to the package it dries any nail polish (to the touch) in 30 seconds.  Yeah right, I thought… but I purchased it anyway.

But low and behold.  It actually works miracles.  It does what it says!

I swear that this is one of the best products that I have purchased in forever.  So good, in fact, that I painted my nails a dark purple a few minutes ago and I am now typing away with no denting or smudging.  Totally amazing.

If you have zero time, but want great looking painted nails then this is the best thing for you.

Get some for yourself NOW! It also comes in drops which I will pick up in the States next week and try out.