notting hill carnival refugee

I hate Notting Hill Carnival.  Every year I hate it even more.  It is not a fun place to visit and I would never recommend that anyone take their family to such a violent and unsafe event.  I really want to start a coalition to stop Notting Hill Carnival or move it to another location.  It basically alienates the residents of Notting Hill and inconveniences everyone.

Every year I have to move my car for fear that it will be trashed.  I come home and there is garbage on my door which the council does a really bad job of cleaning up.  There is glass covering the streets.  I have to move home for the weekend out of fear and disgust.  And who ends up paying for a hotel?  Certainly not the council which has inconvenienced my life.

It is a joke. It infuriates me to no end…. GRRR!