woody allen can suck a fat ***

Oh Woody Allen.  You had to go and do it, didn’t you?  You couldn’t leave well enough alone and continue to romanticise Paris and New York.  You had to “write a love letter” to my beloved city Barcelona with your new movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  And by doing so, you have now unleashed throngs of douchebag Americans to ruin my favourite place on earth.

It’s not just me that feels this way.  After seeing the movie this weekend in New York, I had to listen to the rants of our good friend Biscuit for the rest of the afternoon.

The movie was decent enough, Penelope Cruz was amazing.  But we both found it slightly annoying because you kept being taken to all those spots in Barcelona that had those moments that you so clearly remember as being your own.  Except now they aren’t yours.  They are everyone’s.

And now everyone will roll up to Barcelona and try to recreate this little fantasy on their own.

Thanks a lot Woody.


An email from Biscuit in regards to the fact that people are already planning their journey to Spain:

Remember that annoying nyc dork banker from the bcn woody allen movie?

Yeah, I met him

The most annoying husband ever at dinner last night, he and wife asking me all about secret spots to go to in bcn, totally clueless, like give me 3 words in spanish, then, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Funny!!!!

I would not write this execpt for him later, after what couldnot have been 4 beers, screaming doobie bros at the next bar then arms around everyone I love u guys!!! Slightly embarrassing.

I was I would say, sober, on the same drinks

Enjoy bcn.

The only thing that is keeping me from writing hate mail to Mr. Allen is the fact that perhaps his movies are only seen by intellectuals who have already travelled to Barcelona rather than the mainstay of middle America.  Oh and the fact that the US dollar peso is so weak that most Americans can’t afford to travel that far… (Fingers crossed?)

We can only hope that the movie keeps receiving crap reviews and then our secrets shall remain kept.