iPhone initial impressions

I am on day 3 of iPhone ownership and have a few thoughts thusfar.

The Good

  • Loving the app installs, awesome and seamless
  • Design of the UI is beautiful as always, I could stare at those cute little icons forever
  • GPS integration is amazing, got lost in Soho last night and found my way out

The Bad

  • My hands are cold all the time and I fear that the touchscreen might not be a fan of my bloodless body
  • Keyboard and typing are virtually useless
  • Camera is awful – the controls are totally misplaced and quality sucks
  • Volume controls when watching a video sideways are the wrong way round – duh
  • Battery life is total shite – seriously, I can drain the battery in less than an hour by doing very little
  • Touchscreen – OH man, I said it before – I HATE DIRTY SCREENS.  I can’t deal with this grease, I am constantly wiping it.  OCD relief group, please HELP!

Great Apps

  • Twinkle – totally rocks! Love the integrated GPS
  • Tap Tap  – awesome game
  • Stitcher – great news radio, can’t wait for the native app
  • WordPress – haven’t actually blogged from it since I can’t type, but looks good!


I haven’t yet made a call from it since I prefer to use my Blackberry.  It seems that basically my usage of the iPhone at this point will be strictly as a device rather than a phone or email replacement.  The touchscreen tests me beyond my realm of patience to actually switch over.

Yet another Apple product that I can add to my arsenal of gadgetry that I can’t actually utilise for business…hm.