fun things to do with twitter

Thinking of things to do with twitter today. Instead of using it for random thoughts, you could make it a little more focused. Problem being that I think I need different twitter accounts to keep this stuff separate and then you can’t have the same mobile number associated. Hmmm. Damn.

1. Wine twitter – where I can write the names of the wines that I am drinking. This would be very helpful for keeping track of what wines I drink (since I hardly remember afterwards). Would be cool to have an integration into a service like Snooth where it would add it to my drink list.

2. Food twitter – where I can keep track of all the names of the restaurants and locations that I am eating in.

2. Questions twitter – where I can just ask questions and people answer in AQA style. I did this today by asking about a movie release date and found it helpful (and free). You need semi-tuned in people to follow you in this instance so you don’t get a bunch of BS back, I spose.

3. My shitlist twitter – add the names of all the people I am hating at that moment.

4. Where I’m at twitter – I guess this is done quite a bit, but might be more effective if I have a dedicated where I’m at…

5. What I’m wearing today twitter – to keep track of what I wore on a particular day