ghetto dogs

The only things that I hate more in this world than ghetto dogs are ghetto dog owners.

You may be asking yourself what a ghetto dog is.  Let me explain and I’m sure you will then get it – if not already in the know.


A ghetto dog is usually a certain breed – typically a pit bull or Staffordshire bull terrier.  These dogs are rampant across the UK and usually roam around with hooded gangster kids who use them as a status symbol.  They are also raised by most of these kids to be aggressive and take part in dog fights or even attack humans.

It is amazing to see how many of these dogs are roaming around London.  First off, the owners of these dogs can’t possibly afford to have a large enough yard (if any yard at all) to properly care for these animals, second they dogs are extremely strong and dangerous (when did you last hear of a poodle mauling a child to death?), and lastly these kids are forcing dogs into fights with each other.

Sitting across the street with a view on a park (attached to a council estate) we see these kids drag their dogs out there and force them to fight each other.  Sometimes they are brutally hitting the dogs to rile them up.  It is pure animal abuse.  We’ve called the RSPCA and the police, but by the time anyone shows up the kids are gone.  Ridiculous.  It is animal abuse run rampant.

So what do I propose?

There should be a ban on jackass, loser, jobless people getting a dangerous dog that can be used as a weapon!  And why am I paying taxes for people to live in council estates and buy these animals and feed them anyway?

Amazing afterfact – seems that these dogs are banned in tons of places (including the UK), but people are breeding pretty much similar dogs.  See a list here.