lesser of two evils

I know that I am going to catch a lot of flack for this one from the cult of Mac nerds, but here goes…

I have switched back to my PC.  At least where business and work are concerned.  Which basically accounts for 95% of the time that I spend on computers.

Here are my reasons why.

Entourage is an unusable piece of garbage.  And since I am using Entourage most of the time that I am at work, it made no sense to continue torturing myself with it anymore.

Other than that there are many things that I love about the Mac.  The application install / uninstall is amazing.  The graphics are brilliant.  The hardware itself is stunning.  The OS simple to understand.

But when it comes to using it for business applications, I never thought i’d be saying this…but I actually missed Outlook.  (puke)  That tells you just how horrible Entourage really is.

I’ll still be using the Mac for personal reasons and I will continue to endorse it to anyone but business users.

/end of confession