drinking the kool-aid (and loving it)

For those of you who know me in the physical world, you may have heard me bitch in the past about the cult of Mac.  Yes.  I was a hater.  Everytime I tried to use someone’s Mac I was completely annoyed by it.  Annoyed because there was no right-click on the mouse and various other little things that I didn’t understand.

But then came the MacBook Air.  And it was so slim and so pretty.  It made my PC look like a clunky pile of poop.  I instantly wanted to pet it and take it home where I could give it some love.  So I took the plunge – rather blindly – and picked one up.

I started out pretty slowly with my usage.  There were a few weeks there where I was carrying both the PC and the Mac to work since they were both pretty light.

I didn’t think that it would be possible to switch completely to a Mac AND still get work done.  I mean, seriously, a Mac is a toy, right?  Plus,  there were a few applications that, unfortunately, I still needed in the PC world.  A prototyping app and Access database.

Finally I installed VMWare Fusion and Windows XP home and now I have the best of both worlds.  Yatta!

The funny thing is that I never realised how fugly the damned Windows world is.  I mean, why the hell do I have to look at something install with a bunch of progress indicators and words that I don’t understand (reticulating splines=wtf).  Plus all that extra complication with non-human words almost makes me cringe to think that I have been defending .inf files and registry edits for so long.  Ugh puke.

So, I guess that I am living proof that you can:

 a) move to a Mac fulltime in a work (can’t say corporate cause we are far from it) environment
 b) convince even the most doubtful person that Mr Jobs makes wonderful products

See? I am happy to admit when I am wrong.  I (h) my new MacBook Air.