how to attract middle aged men in a crowded room…

Yeah.  I know I got your attention with that title, didn’t I?

Well, fear not because this post will not have any strange or sexy tips in it.  It actually shows that most middle aged men might possibly be dull gadget geeks and faithful to their wives.

So, what is the trick, you ask.  Because I’m sure that you are dying to know.

Here it is.

Pull your new MacBook Air out of your bag.

Yep.  That is it.  They flock like the Swallows of Capistrano towards you.  And then they start drooling and fawning over it.  Their eyes glint with pure jealousy as they tell you how their wives have not allowed the purchase of the MBA because the kids’ tuition to pre-school must be paid.  They remark on how light and pretty it is without the faintest hint of feeling emasculated by this statement.

It is all rather cute in a puppy doggish sort of a way.

And to get a bunch of geeks to flock to you?

Bust out the Amazon Kindle.  But then they touch the screen to try to navigate it.  Thanks a lot Steve Jobs for all those smudged fingerprints because everyone now thinks everything is a damned iPhone.